2 Months and Counting

Hey all! Looks like we took a little break in blog writing! Well I shall update you on what’s been happening. Rob has settled in our home and I just can’t wait to join him. We just love this house. We chose to settle down in Orland Park and we couldn’t be happier!
Currently, the day we begin our marriage is two months and a week away. Still lots to do. It’s difficult to plan everything faster, since we are very very busy. I graduated on my birthday about a week ago. Rob has a lot of projects at work. I have two jobs, and just finished school. So finally I have a little bit more time than I did before to plan. We only get to see each other on weekends, so that is also something that slowed our planning down. However, we are sending out our invitations in about a week!
We just want to get to that day, that beautiful amazing wonderful day, where we get to be husband and wife for the first time. The day we get to spend time with all the people that we love. The day that I get to be his and he gets to be mine. We know that marriage isn’t always going to be rainbows and butterflies, but we will love each other. Love isn’t just a romantic feeling. Love is something that you constantly carry out with action. Love is selfless. We know that we will have to make a conscious choice, constantly, to love and give ourselves to each other in loving service. God has given us each other to be partners through this life and help further our relationship with Him. That being said, my Robert is such a dreamboat!

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